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Magic Wallets for Everyone on the Go

Magic Wallet
Optimization of wallets started way back somewhere in the 1950s and went through various innovations in and around the 1970s. The growing popularity and demand of pocket-sized light and unique wallets has led to the emergence of compact, no-fold wallets to fit the modern active lifestyle.

Gone are the days of heavy 2-fold and tri-fold wallets with a bulky look. These days, people prefer the compact and lightweight version to secure their cash and cards while on the go.

“Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your wallets even closer.”- Joette Rockow

For active people, a bulky wallet or a clumsy money clip is really of no need. For instance, activities such as cycling, traveling or a night out requires the cash and cards to be handy. Compact wallets for men offer the best solution to carry the essentials, without worrying about the unnecessary and bulky things in your pocket.

What differentiates the slim and lightweight wallets from traditional bulky ones?

  • Minimalist approach: The most attractive aspect that makes the mobile wallets a popular choice among both men and women is their light weight and compact size. They can easily fit into the smallest pockets.
  • Convenience: The easy to use feature makes the minimalist wallets a popular choice of men and women with an active lifestyle.
  • Better safety: The compact wallets offer more safety as you can keep them closer to you, wherever you go.
  • Adequate capacity: Though of small size, these wallets possess enough space to hold your cards and cash.
  • Neat storage: You also don’t need to look out for the card you need as the lightweight wallets offer neat storage for quick sorting.
  • Water/sweat and heat resistant: Forget worrying about your cash in the wallet getting wet due to sweat from your body. These wallets with hidden pockets come with water and heat resistant properties.
  • Unisex wallets: These stylish, sleek and unique magic wallets can be used both by men and women and come in various color combinations.
  • Flexibility: The lightweight wallets can be used as an everyday wallet, a sports accessory and an excellent option to carry your essentials.

Owing to its great benefits, the small and minimalist card and cash holders have become an inseparable part of people, especially for people on the go having an active lifestyle.

What’s the magic all about?

The magical touch to the unique lightweight wallets is given by simple elastic straps held tight to hold card and cash together. Moreover, the neoprene and silicon exterior makes it stick tightly with your clothing, without the chances of slipping out.

Bulky and heavy wallets can make you feel uncomfortable. It is better to use the compact smarter versions wallets designed with a magical touch to meet your requirements.


A Wallet for that Special Man in your life!

Christmas WalletsChristmas is all about love, affection, happiness and togetherness! This festive season is a magical time that brings a lot of happiness to everyone. A time to express our love and gratitude, the spirit of the holiday has a magical effect on all of us.

Christmas time is the right time to buy gifts for the people we care for. Whether you are shopping for your father, brother, son, a close friend or your boss, choosing the right gift can be quite a daunting task. For example, if you plan to buy him some kind of apparel, it’s important to get the right fit, color and brand that appeals to him.

Well, the gift that’s getting all the attention this holiday season is a user friendly, one-size-fits-all slim wallet!  Great to look at, these minimalistic wallets are very practical to use. Most of us use just 3-4 credit cards at a time; the rest simply stay unused in those bulky wallets. In times where less is considered more, a slim wallet is an essential that one will always carry. These wallets can hold up to 5-12 plastic cards and currency as well. Moreover, the wallets are absolutely waterproof, which means that one doesn’t have to worry about damage to the wallet or its contents. What’s more, these wallets are made of Neoprene which makes them easy to clean and maintain.Wojo Wallet

Check out the amazing range of colors! These red, green and blue wallets bring out the best in Christmas spirit. Yes, these attractive, colorful wallets for men make for the perfect gift this holiday season. There’s a large variety of men’s wallets in the market, and it can be a challenge to choose the best among them. So, if you want to gift a wallet that offers more than just looks, it is worth spending time to find the best one.

Attractive and easy to use, these wallets are compact enough to slip into the front pocket of his favorite jeans, trousers or sweats. Buy one in each color and enjoy the visual delight! A must have for outdoor activities like cycling, boating or hiking; these unique wallets are loved for their functionality and attractive design. All those who love adventure can tread out with these wallets for their next outing. The most convenient accessory to carry your cards and cash, these wallets are stylish looking too.

Gift one to someone special and they will love the gesture. If you buy one from an online retailer, they can ship it right to their doorstep! So, don’t wait any longer, just indulge!