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How to Explore the Water Without Losing Your Money

BoatingA Travel Setback

Recently I read an interesting travelogue of a group of travelers who explored different places all over Australia. From hiking, boating to diving, they did it all. During the trip, a member dropped the team’s wallet in the harbor. The guy waded into the water, trying his best to fetch the wallet. He looked between the boats and all of the possible places, but he had no luck. Even an elderly diver tried to help him search for it, but he failed to find it. This instance disappointed the traveler as the wallet had the team’s money in it. An experience like this can spoil everyone’s mood during a trip.

The Dilemma

When traveling we all face dilemmas. Imagine you are sitting on a beautiful beach, enjoying the waves splashing at the shore. The sun is blazing over your head, and you want to cool yourself by getting into the water. You really wish to go swimming and you look at the water, yet then you think about all of your stuff. You don’t know how to keep your belongings safe. It’s great if you have someone to look after those; else, you just can’t leave your cash and cards on the beach no matter how irresistible the water looks. Covering your stuff with a towel or trying to keep an eye on your things while swimming are not good options.

Whether it’s a long vacation or a short day out in the realms of nature, losing your valuables can spoil everything. Fortunately, there are some good options that will let you to dive into the water without having to worry about someone stealing your wallet.

Things that you can do

  • Wear an outfit with a hidden pocket, and stuff the cash/cards into a poly bag to keep it from getting wet.
  • Head out to the beach or pool with a reliable friend, and go swimming in rotation. This way, one person will always take care of the valuables.
  • Take a waterproof container and keep your things in it. Make sure the container’s cover is closed. Put it into your zippered pocket if the container is small enough, or use duct tape to keep it attached to you while swimming.
  • Buy a small and thin wallet to carry some cash and a couple of credit cards. These wallets are waterproof and durable. You just need to slip this wallet into your hidden pocket. They are also called magic wallets.

From the above options, you can choose the one that’s most viable for you. However, it’s always better that you carry your important stuff with you. In this way, you can enjoy water sports or activities without having to worry about getting your things damaged.


Top 7 Useful Gifts for Hikers

Hiking TripHikers often set out to the mountains and woods in their quest to bond with nature. Leaving their hectic modern lives behind, it’s a way of healing and a pathway to bringing wisdom into their lives. Hikers find all their thrills and fun under the open sky, below trees’ shadows, and by listening to the twitter of birds. However, apart from the fun quotient, hiking is also all about preparation by carrying the right equipment and accessories.

Once winter is over, the seasons such as spring, summer and fall will come with bright and beautiful days. The weather will be perfect for hiking as nice temperatures and breathtaking views promise to make the experience wonderful.

Which Gifts to pick for Hikers?
What kind of gift do you wish to give to a hiker? There are several essential things that hikers need to have for a fulfilling hiking trip. According to me, some of the best gifts would be as follows:

1. Backpack – For holding maps, snacks, first aid kits, a blanket, a knife, gloves etc.
2. Rain Jacket – Useful for someone who is hiking during the rainy season.
3. Camp Sleeping Bag – Essential for a night out when hiking.
4. Radio Set – Key equipment for communication, especially during emergencies.
5. Camp Lantern – During a night’s stay it can light up the tents.
6. Mini wallet – A thin wallet can be quite handy for carrying cash, cards, and the hiker’s ID.

A mini wallet is extremely crucial for hikers. These are different from leather wallets, and can prove to be a real friend to hikers for keeping their cash and cards safe.

When going for a hiking trip, it’s important for backpackers to carry at least two debit and two credit cards, preferably of different card issuing companies. During any contingency, if one card doesn’t work, the other one can be used. You can tuck away a slim wallet comfortably, and it will help you sort cards and cash easily to meet urgent financial needs.

You can find high-quality wallets online in different colors. Some of these wallets are available for $10-$15, which is an affordable price range, considering the utilities they provide. So, pick a wallet and gift it to a hiker now. It will make his or her hiking experience better.

When Cupid Strikes — Slimming Down Your Valentine’s Wallet

valentines-dayLove is in the air! Yes, that’s what we have been hearing for ages, and we hear it more often when cupid strikes! You’ve got it right, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. It’s the day to rejuvenate relationships, make new promises and set off on new romantic journeys. The day is also about flowers, chocolates, winged-cupids and heart-shaped greeting cards. Have you been doing these things since you started celebrating V-day? Is there anything new or different that you can gift your partner with?

Slim wallets are one of the most popular gift items among love birds. These wallets are sleek, easy to carry, trendy and useful for people of all ages.
Maybe it’s time to do away with the resistance to change and adapt to something new! More so, if the once-comfortable things are getting a wee bit too much to handle; it could be something as simple as your wallet.

Let us understand how our wallet can be a bane of contention for us.

What makes the traditional wallets so bad


  • Bulk– Ever wondered what all goes into your wallet? People keep filling their wallets with all kinds of stuff, anything they can fold and keep in it! While your brand new wallet boasted of just some cash, cards and ID’s; over a few months your wallet stacks all of your unused business cards, unwanted receipts, photographs and more! Of course, this makes your wallet lose shape and become bulky. A bulky wallet is all the more difficult to retrieve from the pocket or keep it there in the first place. The bulge in your back pocket shows, making you look clumsy.
  • Inferior quality– Leather wallets look great when new. Over a period of time, they accumulate dirt, stains and run down with wear and tear. Ever noticed the ripped edges of your wallet?
  • Looks– Blacks and browns… and shades of these! That is what most traditional wallets look like. Add some stains and your traditional wallets will speak for their looks (or lack of it) on their own. Nothing can spoil your appearance as badly as a worn out traditional folding wallet.
  • Functionality– A heavy, bulky and out of shape wallet is the most awkward accessory a man can carry. Yet they continue to do so, thinking that they are out of options.
  • Safety– All those who love traveling, partying or hiking would agree that a folding wallet is not at all safe to carry the essentials. Has your wallet ever gotten ruined because it fell into water, or damaged a credit card because it somehow got sandwiched between layers of stuff?

Well, if you are experiencing any of the above concerns, it is time to move on to things that are trendier and in sync with the changing times! In times when things are getting compact, sleek and better, why should our wallets stay far behind?

Get a slim fit wallet and feel the nice change. Slim wallets, a far cry from those bulky, unshapely and unwieldy wallets are a delight to carry around. They prove to be an ideal alternative to the folding wallets that include more junk and less valuables.

What makes the slim wallets click with allHidden Wallet

  • Hidden pocket wallet-Have you ever been worried about hoe to place your essentials in that small hidden pocket without losing or damaging them? A slim wallet is a perfect wallet that fits right into the hidden pocket in your clothing or handbag. All contents remain safe in it as it fits snugly in the pocket.
  • No folds to bother withMinimalistic wallets are designed smartly so that one does not have to fold it. It carries up to 12 plastics without any folds.
  • Compact but spacious– These days neoprene and silicone made wallets are available. They look very slim but expand enough to hold your regularly used cards, IDs and some cash as well. You have to use one to see the volume it holds.
  • Easy to carry– Most of these trendy wallets weigh less than an ounce. No wonder, the user can hardly feel their presence.
  • Protection– The slim fit wallets lie snugly in your front, back or hidden pocket. They are slip resistant and do not fall out of your pocket by accident. They form a strong grip with one’s clothing and remain in their place.
  • Water resistant– Forget about damage by water or sweat. Hikers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts can relax when out with their slim wallet. In fact, many of these slim wallets, due to their material and design, float on top of the water if they fall in.
  • Changeability– The new-age no fold wallets can be your traveling wallets, sports accessory or just an everyday accessory, without any effort.
  • Unisex-Most of these hidden pocket wallets for men and women are designed in a way that makes them perfect. Whether you are a girl on a night out with your friends or a guy on a motorcycle trip, a slim wallet will be great to carry and use everywhere.

With the above advantages in the package, who can delay buying a minimalistic wallet? Now the big question is- where to find the best of these.

Where to buy slim fit wallets

So when was the last time that you went shopping around town, from one mall to another; bearing the traffic woes and those long queues at billing? Well, this sounds primitive, right? In the internet-driven lifestyle, shopping is better done online!

Search online for slim wallets and you will be surprised at the variety available. Choose a reputed brand that specializes in these slim wallets. Interested buyers can search for wallets according to their color, design and price. Moreover, since most retailors provide free standard shipping on a minimum value order, buyers can just sit back and relax. A few clicks are all it takes to place an online order, and happiness will be delivered.

These unique wallets also make an excellent gift for someone you want to make feel special. Teenagers love the wallets for their design and colors. Ladies appreciate their seamless design. Men love the way these slide into their trouser back pockets or in the dress shirt pockets. Oder these magic wallets online and surprise your friends, family or a colleague by getting the package delivered to them at their doorstep. What’s more, they make perfect corporate gifts as well. If you own a business, consider gifting these wallets to your employees and win their appreciation instantly. After all, Valentine’s Day is not just limited to two people who are in love; rather it’s a ‘feast’ of love, and a circle of affection to connect those involved for the long-term.

Get More for Less with Your Magic Wallet

Compact wallet for menSo what lies in your wallet? Bills, cash, coins, plastics, IDs, laundry receipts, photographs, business cards? Like many of us, you keep piling things into your wallet for one simple reason: just in case you need it in the future.

It’s time for a reality check! When was the last time you used even a single card from that bunch of business cards? Did you ever use that “bonus” card that you’ve carried around for two years? Moreover, what makes you carry those movie ticket stubs for all of this time? Like millions of others, we end up carrying stuff in our wallet that only adds to the pocket load without being much help. It is now time to move on to minimalistic, unique wallets.

With growing complexities in life around us, using compact wallets for men and women can be easy and hassle-free. The mantra is to “travel light”. Set yourself free by embracing a slim, unique wallet that lets you stock your essentials without the extra add-ons! With these perfect wallets, even less seems more. The neoprene and silicone made slim magic wallets expand enough to hold up to a dozen plastic cards comfortably. Stack your essential cash, frequently used cards, an ID or two, and you are all set.

The magic wallet is so slim that you can hardly feel its presence in the front pocket. A far cry from those bulky leather wallets that men had to carry in their back pockets, these make just the perfect accessory. Women can find a slim wallet in various attractive colors, good to go with every handbag they own. In fact, these are perfect wallets to carry your essentials to that exciting night-out with friends. These wallets are sleek enough to fit into your small dress pocket, but handy enough to carry just what you need.

Well, apart from their compact size and ease of use, one can find many more reasons to use a slim wallet.

The material and process of making set these wallets a class apart. A hiker’s first choice and a cyclist’s favorite, these wallets are heat resistant and waterproof. In fact, these wallets float atop water, if dropped by mistake. So, now you can enjoy water adventure activities with a free mind and body. Your essentials are always safe in a slim, neoprene wallet.

Now, for those of you who are wondering where to buy these, the answer is simple! Just go online and search for one. Most retailers offer free standard shipping for slim wallets.


Can you Trace a Hidden Slim Fit Wallet

A wallet is the staple of any man’s essentials. It goes everywhere a man goes, a true companion. A wallet reflects the personality, lifestyle and of course, the financial status of a man. It is a statement symbol. A man carries his entire life in a wallet by placing the bare identification cards, membership cards, debit and credit cards and some cash. The contents of the wallet tell a lot about a man.

This significant piece of financial storage has gone through fairly innovative phases. Across the world, various organizations spend billions and trillions of dollars on research to come up with new ideas, designs and materials to lead in the industry. Some of these designs enhance the convenience of carrying a wallet while others focus on the style factor. Some researches concentrate on the relation between size and security of the wallet and supports hidden pocket wallets for men.

Why to Organize a Wallet?Un-arranged Wallet

It’s a bad habit to stuff your wallet with all the things dear to you. Avoid keeping needless items in your wallet that makes it overflowing. The list of needless items includes restaurant bills, receipts and business cards. For business cards, maintain a separate card holder and place it either in an office bag or at home. On an average people use 5-6 cards, but carry them all with them as they don’t bother to clear the mess from the wallet.

The fat wallet pops out of your pocket and is a point of attraction for pick pockets. Filling a wallet beyond its capacity makes it explode. Do not let this happen as it distorts its shape and looks comical. Moreover, placing a bulky wallet in the back pocket can cause your pants to get damaged. Sitting on your wallet is not good for posture and it results in back pain.

How to Arrange a Wallet?Compact Wallet

The wallet contents must be in sync with your destination. Depending upon the place, think of which things you must carry can and what you can leave at home. This helps in increasing the accessibility of the required item and also the wallet life.

For example, if you are going shopping, reconsider what is required. Is carrying a planner or an address book necessary? Usually all you need is a shopping list, cash, credit and debit cards. Similarly if you are going for an expedition, you need not carry restaurant bills, gas receipts, dry-cleaner receipts, food court bills, and infrequently used business cards. Just stick to the bare essentials required for that specific task. This will keep the clutter away. You can pick a slim fit wallet that can accommodate all of the required cards for that moment.

Store the contact and other important information in your phone. Remove photographs from the wallet and store it in your phone with unlimited storage capacity. The few things that should never be missed from a man’s wallet are identification cards, cash, credit cards and business cards.

Features and Benefits

Slim wallets are preferred over fat wallets. Slim wallets made up of neoprene are in demand these days. This material is easy to clean and maintain. The neoprene wallets are waterproof so you can take these wallets anywhere without caring about the wallet and its contents. The sweat proof nature of this material can take away your worries about any damage due to moisture.

The following features and associated benefits have made these wallets the choice of many so far.

Functionality: The wallet makes the card and cash easy to access.

Safety: The non-slippery material of the wallet makes it safe in the pocket as well in the hands.

Light weight: The material of the wallet makes it light-weight.

Compact size: This slim and compact wallet can be placed in any pocket.

Looks: Slim fit wallets are stylish enough to attract people. They are available in different colors to suit the age, gender, mood and activity of the person.

Keeping Your Money Safe While traveling

Travelers need to keep money safe while traveling. They hide money in socks or shoes, wrist cuffs, pants, and even bras. Some business people, both men and women, even sewn hidden pockets into their tank tops and underwear. These security measures bring about curiosity. A simple solution to this issue is to keep hold of a hidden pocket wallet that can rest in your exterior pockets. No need to take extra efforts to make them secure.

Move from a traditional wallet to a slim fit wallet and start enjoy traveling, talking to people and appreciating natural beauty while on your business trip. Embark on using plastic as opposed to cash and place a couple of these cards in your wallet. Since many places don’t accept credit cards, carry just enough cash to get by. Practicing this will keep you and your money safe. This will help you to live day by day while traveling.

Managing Health and Wealth TogetherTravel Wallet

Coming so far it’s easy to conclude on the safety, functionality and compactness of the new trend of wallets. You can say goodbye to your old traditional bulky wallet while going outdoors to enjoy your hobby. Carry your bare essentials in this slim wallet and you are all set to enjoy your outing. This wallet can slip easily in your sports outfit, and will not create any hindrance in making different body movements. Its light-weight feature also contributes to your performance. It’s suitable for all kinds of sport activities such as jogging, cycling, hiking, skiing, boating, hunting, and much more. With this wallet you need not think before participating in any water sports or going to an amusement or water parks. The professionals like photographers and news reporters also prefer these wallets as they can move freely without worrying about the wallet’s safety. Being trendy, it’s a choice of students as well. They can indulge themselves in any sport or fun activity.

Online stores are the safest bet to get such useful slim fit and hidden pocket wallets. These stores offer amazing discounts and deals. Spend some time searching for a reputed and reliable retailer to get a genuine product with exemplary customer service. Just make a few clicks and the retailer will ship all of your orders on time to your doorstep.

Forget about the bulky pockets and get a real slim fit wallet.