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Men’s World Just Got Slimmer!

Slim Fit Wallet
Are men not wise enough to avoid carrying a lumpy wallet along every day?

For ages, there has hardly been any alternate to those rugged leather wallets.

Men keep using their wallet even when it’s in a shoddy state, which surely raises eyebrows if taken out in front of others. The reaction of people may be “Oh, dear, that stuff should’ve been dumped long ago”, or “Is it actually a leather wallet, or has it changed its color?”

Flashing a bulky and discolored wallet in public can be embarrassing. An emotional attachment to this piece of leather often keeps men from throwing away these wallets that ultimately makes these look like antique items. However your call of conscience might be shouting that it’s time for a change, but as always, men turn deaf ears to those calls. It’s not just wallets; there are other things as well that men carry for eternity. Here are some of them:

Receipts – Useless pile of papers that went dead long back after making a purchase or paying bills.

Photographs of dear ones – Smart phones have enough space to carry a photo gallery. Photos that are carried in wallets get faded soon.

Tickets Keeping the tickets of a major baseball or NFL game can surely work as great mementos. However, those are not meant to be kept in the wallet for so long.

Business CardsEach business card has a permanent place to stay. The number of cards keeps increasing in the wallet as long as there is any space left.

What about Men’s Fashion with a wallet?

Whether it is for street fashion or formal dressing, men always tend to carry a brick-size wallet that weighs down the back pocket and can make pants look lumpy.

Considering the issue of men carrying baggage in their pocket, an innovation of a slimmer and flatter wallet that can fit any pocket is the new trend. However, for using these wallets, men need to shed the items like receipts, tickets, gift coupons and photos to opt for a minimalist lifestyle. It can be a little difficult at the beginning to let go of the items they feel emotionally attached to.

When Slim is the trend

Here, we are talking about men’s compact wallet that is much slimmer and lighter than the conventional leather wallets. Slim wallets can also be called ‘smart wallets’. These are smart because of their compatibility to a smarter lifestyle where men only need to carry the essential items such as a few credit cards, some cash and IDs. The trend of using slim wallets can trigger the similar kind of revolution when smart phones started to replace the heavy keypad phones.

Now, it’s quite easy for men to move lighter by just slipping a slim wallet into their pockets. There will be no more fumbling to find their cash or credit card when in a hurry. The cool features of these wallets have already got raving fans in the men’s world. You can make it work too!