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No Fold Wallets- Perfect for Everyone

Unisex front pocket walletMost people never give a second thought to their most important accessory- the wallet! Simply because it is taken for granted, many people continue using traditional folding wallets. Do you use one of those bulky folding wallets that carry inordinate amounts of clutter? Is it difficult to fish out your credit cards and cash? Well, if this sounds like you, then no fold wallets are just the thing you need.

A trendy accessory, no fold money holders are a great accessory. The compact design ensures that the contents are well organized, especially if you carry only useful items in them. Most people who use a folding wallet tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. Everything from useless bonus cards, receipts, photographs, change and business cards keep getting stacked up.

Since one tends to over stuff traditional bi-fold wallets, they become heavy and bulky. With time, even the compartments give-in to the stress and start wearing out. Especially, the leather folding wallets that look unruly and clumsy when they start bulging. Also, over stuffed compartments can lead to damaged cards, and the wallet seams getting ripped apart.

The best solution to the above wallet woes is to switch over to using no fold wallets. These days one can find a variety of unisex front pocket wallets, which can be used without folding. These compact wallets are designed to carry 10-12 cards with ease, along with some cash. Made of neoprene and silicone, these slim wallets fit into the smallest of pockets and never fall out. Moreover, since they come without a folding option, one can say goodbye to damaged cards and torn bills!

These no fold men’s wallets are the safest to use. They keep the credit cards and cash absolutely safe and fit snugly next to the user’s clothing. Whether it is a day out in the wild or a corporate visit out of town, a hiking expedition; or an evening at the club, these wallets are the smartest money holders that one ever carried along.

The modern design and colorful appearance of these wallets keeps them high on the list for women as well. Women can simply place them in their purse and forget about fumbling through for their cards or cash. In fact, they fit well into the smallest of dress pockets, keeping all contents safe and secure. The no fold wallets for women are great to keep things neat and organized.

One can find a huge variety of such minimalistic wallets. It is worth spending time to understand their features and functionality. Although they are made of a large variety of materials such as leather, or metal; the ones made of silicon and neoprene are gaining popularity. This material is waterproof, sweat resistant and user-friendly; making them a preferred choice for men and women.