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Why No Fold Wallets for Men and Women?

no fold walletWhy men don’t spend much time discussing about their wallets? It’s simply because they just don’t want to let go the one they are using currently. Reasons are various – emotional attachment, superstition and so on. However, the experience of trying something new could start with a no fold wallet. The leather wallets would then be a thing of past. Conventionally, men carry bi-fold wallets in their back pocket that have severe repercussions on health. The big size of a conventional wallet allows you to build up the clutter of day-to-day life. No fold men’s wallet is the best choice, if you are looking to avoid bulk.

Similarly, women share a special bond with their purses and bags. They always carry a wallet/clutch/tote/purse matching with the outfit. With the changing trends in the fashion industry, a minimalist wallet is a choice of women as well. Women can accommodate the bare essential such as ID cards, debit and credit cards and cash in their new stylish wallet. These no-fold wallets for women are the new replacement for small clutches and purses and can go with any dress.

Why to go for No Fold Wallets?

The no fold wallets are available in different materials, styles and designs. The ones made of neoprene material are gaining popularity. These wallets are easy to clean and maintain. The contents in the wallet are so snugly fitted that they don’t move out, even if you drop the wallet. The anti-slippery quality of the material lets the wallet rest in pocket safely. This protects it from pickpockets. It motivates you to indulge in various activities, be it for sports or for fun. Moreover, the neoprene material protects your wallet from sweat and heat. Another reason contributing to the popularity is its water proof nature. It can float if dropped in water. So why not plan for water sports. Take this wallet with you for canoeing, boating, rafting and diving. As compared to a bulky wallet, this unique wallet can fit comfortably in your swimwear. Thanks to the innovative design of no fold wallet.

The market has an array of no fold wallets available in various colors. Pick up the color that reflects your personality. These can be an ideal gift for people from all walks of life.


Are you a Front Pocket Wallet Carrier?

Friday night, I and my wife made a Iist for Saturday shopping. I asked for any suggestion for replacing my old wallet. She recalled her colleague carrying a front pocket wallet. It sounds great to me. She told he bought it online. It added to my enthusiasm to have a look at the recommended wallet.

I typically carry few bills, identity cards and credit cards. When it comes to a wallet, I consider smaller and thinner to be better. With these priorities, I started looking for a wallet on the internet. I come across many retailers offering such wallets. I preferred the one made up of neoprene material. This material makes the wallet waterproof, heat and dust resistant. I was impressed and ordered one in blue. Within a couple of days, I received it through home delivery.

I really like the way it looks. I always bought a men’s wallet in black or brown color. This time I have something different, a wallet in the perfect masculine color. It has sufficient room to hold my cards and cash. This lightweight, no-fold wallet is an excellent front pocket wallet for any occasion. It silently sits in my pant pocket, shirt pocket or jacket pocket. It takes almost no space!

Using the front pocket wallet for a couple of days, I realized that I wasn’t complaining about back pain. Now, I understood why doctors recommend these wallets. On understanding the relationship between the wallet and human body structure, I learned many facts. Sitting on the wallet for 8-10 hours in a day or driving long distance with wallet in the back pocket creates functional imbalance in the lower back. This can shift the pelvis and become a reason for back pain.

Security and ease of accessibility are other advantages I appreciate. The slimness of the wallet does not allow it to pop out. The anti-slip property of the wallet material makes a grip with the fabric of the pocket. Moreover, the location in the front pocket keeps it safe from pick pockets. I consider front pocket wallets ideal for traveling for both men and women.

Being impressed with this rich featured wallet, my wife also ordered one for her. She prefers the color red. She believes the red color wallet attracts energy and can help in wealth accumulation. She feels proud to be a front pocket wallet carrier.

Now every evening, we both head out with our bikes and new wallets.

Compact Wallets-A Perfect Accessory

Compact walletBeing stylish is always in vogue. Whether you indulge in haute couture or are into street fashion, choosing the right kind of accessories can do wonders for your appearance! Accessories like watches, head bands, belts, handbags and wallets are important for the reason that they add style as well as comfort to the users. While most of us keep changing our accessories constantly, we hardly change our wallets!

Our wallets hold a lot of things for us- cash, credit cards, ID cards, membership or loyalty cards, pictures, receipts and so on. While we carry this stuff every day, we don’t use it all very frequently. In fact, most of us use just 4-5 credit cards and our driver’s license frequently. Still, we carry bulky wallets around in spite of their undue weight and clumsy looks! It’s time to switch over to slim and compact wallets.

Advantages of using slim wallets:

Compact wallets for men and women look more stylish
• They are not cluttered like the old-fashioned leather wallets
• There is less possibility of slim wallets getting lost or stolen
• With compact wallets, one has lesser credit cards to keep track of
• Higher comfort factor
• Easier to locate and retrieve the card that you need
• Offers less wear on clothing
• Easier to clean and maintain as compared to leather wallets

Design and construction: The ultra slim wallets available nowadays are designed to hold more within less space. Yes, these minimalistic wallets expand to hold up to 10-12 cards very comfortably. They are usually made of neoprene or silicon- making them easy to clean and maintain.

They are resistant to heat and water. While heat and moisture are the biggest enemies of leather or metallic wallets, the new-age magic wallets remain safe even when exposed to these threats! The waterproof slim wallets are constructed in a way that they float on the top of water, protecting all the cards and cash in them.

Also, these thin and stylish wallets can easily slide into any kind of apparel. Whether one is heading for a workout at the gym, going cycling, traveling to the office or out for a night with friends; these magic wallets can fit snugly into any pocket without causing that typical bulge associated with a foldable and overstuffed wallet.

Where to buy them: There are many stores that sell these slim wallets. These user friendly wallets are a popular choice of buyers this festive season. One can also buy these magical wallets online. Many online retailers offer great deals and discounts on their website and even ship them to the customer’s home.