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Mother’s Day – In a Wanderlust

mountain-loving-momWhen was the last time you made your mom cry with happiness? She is the only woman who holds you tight whenever you need her to, even after hearing the hurtful words you speak to her. Moms are the most special women in our lives-right from the moment we are born. A mom loves, pampers, guides, understands us and tolerates our endless and many times meaningless grouses. This Mother’s Day make her feel special and take her on a never before vacation. Let her spread her wings and fly!

If traveling has always been on her wish list, help her explore and learn about newer cultures. Make this Mother’s Day special and take her to a dream vacation. Through the seas, clouds and over the mountains, let her discover herself. This 11th May make your mom proud and arrange a trip for her. Watch tears trickle down her graceful face with happiness. So check out some of the destination ideas for your mom:

For the beach loving mom:

A long sun bathing day or a quiet night listening to the waves, let her spend the day in the way she would love to. Seas have always been considered as a sign of calmness and it will help her relax. If you haven’t spent some quality time with her lately, it’s time to catch up and make up for the lost times. Enjoy some quiet talks or build a sand castle with her. Some of the essential things you must carry are traveling wallets, suntan lotion, beach outfits and sunglasses etc.

For the mountain loving mom:

In the serenity of the mountains and across the hills, one can always discover their lost self. Mothers seek serenity most of the time and a break from her daily chores will help her rejuvenate into a more confident self. A mountain resort with a huge golf course will bring the fun back in her life. The traveling mom needs to carry essential things like traveling wallets, clothes for the destination, medicines and toiletries among others.

For the desert lovers:

Unwind the stress! The Desert is an ideal option for those who are drawn to its beauty. It is challenging especially because of the extreme temperature changes. It is advised to drink ample water, wear appropriate clothes and avoid walking in the heat, etc.

This Mother’s Day, bring a smile to the face of that special woman in your life. Make May 11th special; something that she will remember for the rest of her life. It would be an experience that she would cherish for years to come. You can also be content that you made an effort to earn her happiness. Collect moments of togetherness and make memories!