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5 Key Items for Carefree Cycling

ImageDid you know that cycling can increase your life span? Cycling enthusiasts… cheer up and celebrate your passion. Studies have proved that people who cycle regularly tend to age slower biologically when compared to non-cyclers. However, while most people are too lazy to follow a strict regime, others say that they do not have proper sports essentials such as basic as cycling wallets. Well,   it’s time to gather your cycling essentials and start doing your bit for a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling outfit and accessories are necessary elements for a serious cycling routine. The ideal outfit for a cyclist is a short sleeved jersey, bib shorts along with arm-knee warmers. It is important to dress appropriately as per the weather. For safety it’s best to wear your helmet or a protective head gear and also don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes.

Apart from those listed above, here are the top 5 essential items one must carry while cycling:

Tools: Tools are really essential for your vehicle whether it’s a cycle or a car. It is quite possible that your cycle may get stuck at the roadside with no repair center nearby. Since bicycle is a simple tool, it doesn’t need a lot of tools. Punctures are most common so it is always advisable to carry two inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump. Some of the other essential tools are flat bedded screwdriver, torx bit and chain link extractor. Gear cable and Allen keys are also amongst the important items.

Water bottle: Water is vital for the body so carrying water while cycling is crucial. A cage is required for holding the water bottle and anything that can hold around 500Ml or more is fine. It saves the rider from dehydration and other side effects like cramps.

Cycling Wallets: It is must to carry a wallet but the normal wallets or purses take a lot of space. It is a must as you may need it for purchasing anything. The regular wallets are not safe to use as they may fall from your shorts or jersey. Cycling wallets are compact and can be kept in small pockets without any problem.

Clip less Pedals:

Clip less pedals are also known as the shoes with cleats. It helps in increasing the pedaling efficiency by easing up the upstroke and down stroke pedaling. Once you get used to them, you simply can’t enjoy cycling without them.

Lights: One of the utmost essentials, it is required for the night riders. Whether you are mountain biking or in a forest, after sunset it becomes extremely difficult to ride. A portable flashlight of high power is good for the avid riders.

Other essential items: Mudguards are required for riding in winters and winter tyres, gloves and mitts are also essential. Electronic and mechanical shifting along with brakes, health monitors such as heart rate monitors and power meters are also used by many cyclists.

It’s a must for the avid cyclers to appropriate gear and accessories. The cycling wallet is the most essential of all and since you can’t do without one- the earlier you get one, the better. Gift it to others or to yourself and now that it’s available online, life has never been easier. Grab it now!