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How to Explore the Water Without Losing Your Money

BoatingA Travel Setback

Recently I read an interesting travelogue of a group of travelers who explored different places all over Australia. From hiking, boating to diving, they did it all. During the trip, a member dropped the team’s wallet in the harbor. The guy waded into the water, trying his best to fetch the wallet. He looked between the boats and all of the possible places, but he had no luck. Even an elderly diver tried to help him search for it, but he failed to find it. This instance disappointed the traveler as the wallet had the team’s money in it. An experience like this can spoil everyone’s mood during a trip.

The Dilemma

When traveling we all face dilemmas. Imagine you are sitting on a beautiful beach, enjoying the waves splashing at the shore. The sun is blazing over your head, and you want to cool yourself by getting into the water. You really wish to go swimming and you look at the water, yet then you think about all of your stuff. You don’t know how to keep your belongings safe. It’s great if you have someone to look after those; else, you just can’t leave your cash and cards on the beach no matter how irresistible the water looks. Covering your stuff with a towel or trying to keep an eye on your things while swimming are not good options.

Whether it’s a long vacation or a short day out in the realms of nature, losing your valuables can spoil everything. Fortunately, there are some good options that will let you to dive into the water without having to worry about someone stealing your wallet.

Things that you can do

  • Wear an outfit with a hidden pocket, and stuff the cash/cards into a poly bag to keep it from getting wet.
  • Head out to the beach or pool with a reliable friend, and go swimming in rotation. This way, one person will always take care of the valuables.
  • Take a waterproof container and keep your things in it. Make sure the container’s cover is closed. Put it into your zippered pocket if the container is small enough, or use duct tape to keep it attached to you while swimming.
  • Buy a small and thin wallet to carry some cash and a couple of credit cards. These wallets are waterproof and durable. You just need to slip this wallet into your hidden pocket. They are also called magic wallets.

From the above options, you can choose the one that’s most viable for you. However, it’s always better that you carry your important stuff with you. In this way, you can enjoy water sports or activities without having to worry about getting your things damaged.


Card Sleeve Wallets: A Way to Organize Your Essentials

bulky-walletMost of us carry wallets with an unbelievably huge collection of “Junk” in them. Yes, and with the word “junk” I mean a lot of unwanted (and unused) things that lie in our wallet. A string of bonus cards, membership cards, discount cards, those receipts which could be a decade old, and so on… the list could be longer than you would have ever imagined!

Well, to be very upfront, many of us know this, but do little about it. Simply because we are unsure of how to start the process of slimming down our big fat wallet, we comfortably choose to ignore it. However, this only adds to discomfort over a period of time. Pain in the lower back, wear and tear of the folding wallet and fumbling through the clutter is not something most of us enjoy, right?

Ways to organize a wallet
A bulky wallet is not a pleasant accessory to use. Once in a while it is good to audit its contents. Simply sit at your desk and empty the wallet, right to the smallest change compartment. Receipts, expired discount cards, discolored photographs, business cards and little papers with some numbers scribbled on them are the most likely to be there among the other contents that lie dormant in wallets.

Sort through your stuff and discard all that does not make sense any more. You will be surprised at how much of extra stuff your wallet carried for you! Now, all you have left is a few credit and debit cards, a couple of IDs, some business cards, a few bills and maybe a driver’s license.

The next step would be to get a card sleeve wallet or a slim wallet for yourself. Such wallets, made of neoprene and silicone are best and are gaining popularity. These unique money holders can easily accommodate up to 10-12 cards including your frequently used credit or debit cards, IDs and driver’s license as well. A silicone band on the outer side is just right to stack a few bills safely.

Card sleeve wallets also help you control your spending by minimizing the cards. Moreover such slim wallets are very safe to use as they can fit snugly into the front pockets or any other small dress pocket without slipping out. These unisex wallets are also water resistant and sweat resistant. These make ideal travel wallets for women due to their compact design and attractive colors.Compact wallet

All those who are looking for men’s travel wallets can also buy these perfect slim wallets. They can be purchased online and get them delivered at the doorstep. One can search online for minimalistic wallets and choose one that is appealing and functional.

Top 7 Useful Gifts for Hikers

Hiking TripHikers often set out to the mountains and woods in their quest to bond with nature. Leaving their hectic modern lives behind, it’s a way of healing and a pathway to bringing wisdom into their lives. Hikers find all their thrills and fun under the open sky, below trees’ shadows, and by listening to the twitter of birds. However, apart from the fun quotient, hiking is also all about preparation by carrying the right equipment and accessories.

Once winter is over, the seasons such as spring, summer and fall will come with bright and beautiful days. The weather will be perfect for hiking as nice temperatures and breathtaking views promise to make the experience wonderful.

Which Gifts to pick for Hikers?
What kind of gift do you wish to give to a hiker? There are several essential things that hikers need to have for a fulfilling hiking trip. According to me, some of the best gifts would be as follows:

1. Backpack – For holding maps, snacks, first aid kits, a blanket, a knife, gloves etc.
2. Rain Jacket – Useful for someone who is hiking during the rainy season.
3. Camp Sleeping Bag – Essential for a night out when hiking.
4. Radio Set – Key equipment for communication, especially during emergencies.
5. Camp Lantern – During a night’s stay it can light up the tents.
6. Mini wallet – A thin wallet can be quite handy for carrying cash, cards, and the hiker’s ID.

A mini wallet is extremely crucial for hikers. These are different from leather wallets, and can prove to be a real friend to hikers for keeping their cash and cards safe.

When going for a hiking trip, it’s important for backpackers to carry at least two debit and two credit cards, preferably of different card issuing companies. During any contingency, if one card doesn’t work, the other one can be used. You can tuck away a slim wallet comfortably, and it will help you sort cards and cash easily to meet urgent financial needs.

You can find high-quality wallets online in different colors. Some of these wallets are available for $10-$15, which is an affordable price range, considering the utilities they provide. So, pick a wallet and gift it to a hiker now. It will make his or her hiking experience better.

Get More for Less with Your Magic Wallet

Compact wallet for menSo what lies in your wallet? Bills, cash, coins, plastics, IDs, laundry receipts, photographs, business cards? Like many of us, you keep piling things into your wallet for one simple reason: just in case you need it in the future.

It’s time for a reality check! When was the last time you used even a single card from that bunch of business cards? Did you ever use that “bonus” card that you’ve carried around for two years? Moreover, what makes you carry those movie ticket stubs for all of this time? Like millions of others, we end up carrying stuff in our wallet that only adds to the pocket load without being much help. It is now time to move on to minimalistic, unique wallets.

With growing complexities in life around us, using compact wallets for men and women can be easy and hassle-free. The mantra is to “travel light”. Set yourself free by embracing a slim, unique wallet that lets you stock your essentials without the extra add-ons! With these perfect wallets, even less seems more. The neoprene and silicone made slim magic wallets expand enough to hold up to a dozen plastic cards comfortably. Stack your essential cash, frequently used cards, an ID or two, and you are all set.

The magic wallet is so slim that you can hardly feel its presence in the front pocket. A far cry from those bulky leather wallets that men had to carry in their back pockets, these make just the perfect accessory. Women can find a slim wallet in various attractive colors, good to go with every handbag they own. In fact, these are perfect wallets to carry your essentials to that exciting night-out with friends. These wallets are sleek enough to fit into your small dress pocket, but handy enough to carry just what you need.

Well, apart from their compact size and ease of use, one can find many more reasons to use a slim wallet.

The material and process of making set these wallets a class apart. A hiker’s first choice and a cyclist’s favorite, these wallets are heat resistant and waterproof. In fact, these wallets float atop water, if dropped by mistake. So, now you can enjoy water adventure activities with a free mind and body. Your essentials are always safe in a slim, neoprene wallet.

Now, for those of you who are wondering where to buy these, the answer is simple! Just go online and search for one. Most retailers offer free standard shipping for slim wallets.

Compact Wallets-A Perfect Accessory

Compact walletBeing stylish is always in vogue. Whether you indulge in haute couture or are into street fashion, choosing the right kind of accessories can do wonders for your appearance! Accessories like watches, head bands, belts, handbags and wallets are important for the reason that they add style as well as comfort to the users. While most of us keep changing our accessories constantly, we hardly change our wallets!

Our wallets hold a lot of things for us- cash, credit cards, ID cards, membership or loyalty cards, pictures, receipts and so on. While we carry this stuff every day, we don’t use it all very frequently. In fact, most of us use just 4-5 credit cards and our driver’s license frequently. Still, we carry bulky wallets around in spite of their undue weight and clumsy looks! It’s time to switch over to slim and compact wallets.

Advantages of using slim wallets:

Compact wallets for men and women look more stylish
• They are not cluttered like the old-fashioned leather wallets
• There is less possibility of slim wallets getting lost or stolen
• With compact wallets, one has lesser credit cards to keep track of
• Higher comfort factor
• Easier to locate and retrieve the card that you need
• Offers less wear on clothing
• Easier to clean and maintain as compared to leather wallets

Design and construction: The ultra slim wallets available nowadays are designed to hold more within less space. Yes, these minimalistic wallets expand to hold up to 10-12 cards very comfortably. They are usually made of neoprene or silicon- making them easy to clean and maintain.

They are resistant to heat and water. While heat and moisture are the biggest enemies of leather or metallic wallets, the new-age magic wallets remain safe even when exposed to these threats! The waterproof slim wallets are constructed in a way that they float on the top of water, protecting all the cards and cash in them.

Also, these thin and stylish wallets can easily slide into any kind of apparel. Whether one is heading for a workout at the gym, going cycling, traveling to the office or out for a night with friends; these magic wallets can fit snugly into any pocket without causing that typical bulge associated with a foldable and overstuffed wallet.

Where to buy them: There are many stores that sell these slim wallets. These user friendly wallets are a popular choice of buyers this festive season. One can also buy these magical wallets online. Many online retailers offer great deals and discounts on their website and even ship them to the customer’s home.