compact wallet for men and women
One day I took a break from my chaotic and hectic schedule to meet my college friends for a Sunday lunch. The weather was perfect and I was excited; the only thing that dampened the mood was that there was nobody to look after my 1-year old kid. I had no other option than to take him along. One good thing was I had a compact wallet with me that could easily be carried in my clutch and I didn’t have to worry about carrying a clumsy and thick wallet. At the restaurant, I was overwhelmed to meet my friends. As I got busy with the cranky kid in middle of the lunch, unknowingly my clutch was left open. To my surprise, the whole girl discussion was focused on my slim pocket wallet that they happened to notice. At first they were like, “What is it? Is it a wallet?”

The lovely red color made the first impression. Without any hesitation they continued examining my wallet while I continued feeding the hungry baby and, at the same time, feeling proud about my choice of pocket wallet. It was compact and extremely light weight and could fit my two credit cards, my license and some cash that could tug in an elastic band. To top it all, it was made of a neoprene and because of that it was grunge and sweat resistant. I further gave them some more fodder to appreciate. It was weather proof and was buoyant enough to float on water. They were in awe with the wallet. Not only that, but the rubber band and the wallet could be detached and used separately. Then I told them that I had ordered it online and received the wallet right on time. I told them I had dumped my leather wallet and how my compact wallet was now an intricate part of my life. It’s easy to carry, light weight and weather proof. A piece that symbolizes style and gives an option to stay organized was a perfect for me. My friends were awestruck and I was gratified. We finished our lunch and we bid adieu. I left them wondering about compact wallets and with a desire to own one of them.


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