bulky-walletMost of us carry wallets with an unbelievably huge collection of “Junk” in them. Yes, and with the word “junk” I mean a lot of unwanted (and unused) things that lie in our wallet. A string of bonus cards, membership cards, discount cards, those receipts which could be a decade old, and so on… the list could be longer than you would have ever imagined!

Well, to be very upfront, many of us know this, but do little about it. Simply because we are unsure of how to start the process of slimming down our big fat wallet, we comfortably choose to ignore it. However, this only adds to discomfort over a period of time. Pain in the lower back, wear and tear of the folding wallet and fumbling through the clutter is not something most of us enjoy, right?

Ways to organize a wallet
A bulky wallet is not a pleasant accessory to use. Once in a while it is good to audit its contents. Simply sit at your desk and empty the wallet, right to the smallest change compartment. Receipts, expired discount cards, discolored photographs, business cards and little papers with some numbers scribbled on them are the most likely to be there among the other contents that lie dormant in wallets.

Sort through your stuff and discard all that does not make sense any more. You will be surprised at how much of extra stuff your wallet carried for you! Now, all you have left is a few credit and debit cards, a couple of IDs, some business cards, a few bills and maybe a driver’s license.

The next step would be to get a card sleeve wallet or a slim wallet for yourself. Such wallets, made of neoprene and silicone are best and are gaining popularity. These unique money holders can easily accommodate up to 10-12 cards including your frequently used credit or debit cards, IDs and driver’s license as well. A silicone band on the outer side is just right to stack a few bills safely.

Card sleeve wallets also help you control your spending by minimizing the cards. Moreover such slim wallets are very safe to use as they can fit snugly into the front pockets or any other small dress pocket without slipping out. These unisex wallets are also water resistant and sweat resistant. These make ideal travel wallets for women due to their compact design and attractive colors.Compact wallet

All those who are looking for men’s travel wallets can also buy these perfect slim wallets. They can be purchased online and get them delivered at the doorstep. One can search online for minimalistic wallets and choose one that is appealing and functional.

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