Slim Fit Wallet
Are men not wise enough to avoid carrying a lumpy wallet along every day?

For ages, there has hardly been any alternate to those rugged leather wallets.

Men keep using their wallet even when it’s in a shoddy state, which surely raises eyebrows if taken out in front of others. The reaction of people may be “Oh, dear, that stuff should’ve been dumped long ago”, or “Is it actually a leather wallet, or has it changed its color?”

Flashing a bulky and discolored wallet in public can be embarrassing. An emotional attachment to this piece of leather often keeps men from throwing away these wallets that ultimately makes these look like antique items. However your call of conscience might be shouting that it’s time for a change, but as always, men turn deaf ears to those calls. It’s not just wallets; there are other things as well that men carry for eternity. Here are some of them:

Receipts – Useless pile of papers that went dead long back after making a purchase or paying bills.

Photographs of dear ones – Smart phones have enough space to carry a photo gallery. Photos that are carried in wallets get faded soon.

Tickets Keeping the tickets of a major baseball or NFL game can surely work as great mementos. However, those are not meant to be kept in the wallet for so long.

Business CardsEach business card has a permanent place to stay. The number of cards keeps increasing in the wallet as long as there is any space left.

What about Men’s Fashion with a wallet?

Whether it is for street fashion or formal dressing, men always tend to carry a brick-size wallet that weighs down the back pocket and can make pants look lumpy.

Considering the issue of men carrying baggage in their pocket, an innovation of a slimmer and flatter wallet that can fit any pocket is the new trend. However, for using these wallets, men need to shed the items like receipts, tickets, gift coupons and photos to opt for a minimalist lifestyle. It can be a little difficult at the beginning to let go of the items they feel emotionally attached to.

When Slim is the trend

Here, we are talking about men’s compact wallet that is much slimmer and lighter than the conventional leather wallets. Slim wallets can also be called ‘smart wallets’. These are smart because of their compatibility to a smarter lifestyle where men only need to carry the essential items such as a few credit cards, some cash and IDs. The trend of using slim wallets can trigger the similar kind of revolution when smart phones started to replace the heavy keypad phones.

Now, it’s quite easy for men to move lighter by just slipping a slim wallet into their pockets. There will be no more fumbling to find their cash or credit card when in a hurry. The cool features of these wallets have already got raving fans in the men’s world. You can make it work too!


compact wallet for men and women
One day I took a break from my chaotic and hectic schedule to meet my college friends for a Sunday lunch. The weather was perfect and I was excited; the only thing that dampened the mood was that there was nobody to look after my 1-year old kid. I had no other option than to take him along. One good thing was I had a compact wallet with me that could easily be carried in my clutch and I didn’t have to worry about carrying a clumsy and thick wallet. At the restaurant, I was overwhelmed to meet my friends. As I got busy with the cranky kid in middle of the lunch, unknowingly my clutch was left open. To my surprise, the whole girl discussion was focused on my slim pocket wallet that they happened to notice. At first they were like, “What is it? Is it a wallet?”

The lovely red color made the first impression. Without any hesitation they continued examining my wallet while I continued feeding the hungry baby and, at the same time, feeling proud about my choice of pocket wallet. It was compact and extremely light weight and could fit my two credit cards, my license and some cash that could tug in an elastic band. To top it all, it was made of a neoprene and because of that it was grunge and sweat resistant. I further gave them some more fodder to appreciate. It was weather proof and was buoyant enough to float on water. They were in awe with the wallet. Not only that, but the rubber band and the wallet could be detached and used separately. Then I told them that I had ordered it online and received the wallet right on time. I told them I had dumped my leather wallet and how my compact wallet was now an intricate part of my life. It’s easy to carry, light weight and weather proof. A piece that symbolizes style and gives an option to stay organized was a perfect for me. My friends were awestruck and I was gratified. We finished our lunch and we bid adieu. I left them wondering about compact wallets and with a desire to own one of them.


Taking some time away from your busy work schedule always sounds great. You fondly remember the last time you hung out at the beach with your friends. But once you got to your hotel and were ready to go swimming, worries of carrying phone, cash and credit cards played a spoilsport. To avoid these worries spoiling your fun again, you need a waterproof wallet.These wallets make traveling with cards and cash so convenient that you’ll wonder why people bother themselves with a bulky uncool leather wallet. This lightweight and compact wallet protects your stuff from water even in a pool, sea or lake. It takes care of your belongings and allows you to have all the fun you want.

Enjoy yourself without worries

All you have to do when heading to your favorite swimming spot is to strap the waterproof wallet around your waist. You can also strap it on your hand. These wallets are available in different sizes depending on what you intend to put in it. The standard size wallet will accommodate credit cards, a driver’s license and some cash. The wallet allows you to revel in fun activities without stopping to think whether your dollar bills will get wet. Imagine the looks you’ll get from the cashiers at the boat rental when you pay for the service using wet bank notes. Spare yourself the shame by waterproofing your money!

Your cards and cash are safe even with a sweaty body

A sweaty body is something that you may not be able to control. The worst part is when moisture from your sweat gets inside your wallet. Everything gets so wet and messy. Even the person swiping your card gives you a “what-is-the-matter” kind of look. It is only then that you realize you just handed out a card laden with moisture. It can be very embarrassing. Sweat resistant wallets are ideal for people who sweat a lot. They are made from material that does not allow moisture to penetrate through. Carrying a wallet that transfers moisture to its contents is quite uncomfortable.

Look for enhanced safety features

You could look for a version of sweat resistant wallets with a zip or a clip. This would not only keep your valuables sweat proof, but also keep them safer than contents of a leather wallet. The items in this wallet do not fall out even if you hold it in an upside down position. Another thing to consider is the wallet’s size. Men are fond of carrying wallets in their back pockets. A bulgy wallet causes discomfort when you sit on it. Get a slim wallet and make sure that you carry just a few items. There is no need to turn this trendy accessory into a mobile file drawer.

For women fond of taking part in water sports, floating wallets for women are another very useful accessory. Women swimmers and other sportswomen can do with a wallet that literally floats on water. Any of these wallets will help rid your mind of worrying about water ruining your wallet and its contents.

ImageDid you know that cycling can increase your life span? Cycling enthusiasts… cheer up and celebrate your passion. Studies have proved that people who cycle regularly tend to age slower biologically when compared to non-cyclers. However, while most people are too lazy to follow a strict regime, others say that they do not have proper sports essentials such as basic as cycling wallets. Well,   it’s time to gather your cycling essentials and start doing your bit for a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling outfit and accessories are necessary elements for a serious cycling routine. The ideal outfit for a cyclist is a short sleeved jersey, bib shorts along with arm-knee warmers. It is important to dress appropriately as per the weather. For safety it’s best to wear your helmet or a protective head gear and also don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes.

Apart from those listed above, here are the top 5 essential items one must carry while cycling:

Tools: Tools are really essential for your vehicle whether it’s a cycle or a car. It is quite possible that your cycle may get stuck at the roadside with no repair center nearby. Since bicycle is a simple tool, it doesn’t need a lot of tools. Punctures are most common so it is always advisable to carry two inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump. Some of the other essential tools are flat bedded screwdriver, torx bit and chain link extractor. Gear cable and Allen keys are also amongst the important items.

Water bottle: Water is vital for the body so carrying water while cycling is crucial. A cage is required for holding the water bottle and anything that can hold around 500Ml or more is fine. It saves the rider from dehydration and other side effects like cramps.

Cycling Wallets: It is must to carry a wallet but the normal wallets or purses take a lot of space. It is a must as you may need it for purchasing anything. The regular wallets are not safe to use as they may fall from your shorts or jersey. Cycling wallets are compact and can be kept in small pockets without any problem.

Clip less Pedals:

Clip less pedals are also known as the shoes with cleats. It helps in increasing the pedaling efficiency by easing up the upstroke and down stroke pedaling. Once you get used to them, you simply can’t enjoy cycling without them.

Lights: One of the utmost essentials, it is required for the night riders. Whether you are mountain biking or in a forest, after sunset it becomes extremely difficult to ride. A portable flashlight of high power is good for the avid riders.

Other essential items: Mudguards are required for riding in winters and winter tyres, gloves and mitts are also essential. Electronic and mechanical shifting along with brakes, health monitors such as heart rate monitors and power meters are also used by many cyclists.

It’s a must for the avid cyclers to appropriate gear and accessories. The cycling wallet is the most essential of all and since you can’t do without one- the earlier you get one, the better. Gift it to others or to yourself and now that it’s available online, life has never been easier. Grab it now!

Magic Wallet
Optimization of wallets started way back somewhere in the 1950s and went through various innovations in and around the 1970s. The growing popularity and demand of pocket-sized light and unique wallets has led to the emergence of compact, no-fold wallets to fit the modern active lifestyle.

Gone are the days of heavy 2-fold and tri-fold wallets with a bulky look. These days, people prefer the compact and lightweight version to secure their cash and cards while on the go.

“Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your wallets even closer.”- Joette Rockow

For active people, a bulky wallet or a clumsy money clip is really of no need. For instance, activities such as cycling, traveling or a night out requires the cash and cards to be handy. Compact wallets for men offer the best solution to carry the essentials, without worrying about the unnecessary and bulky things in your pocket.

What differentiates the slim and lightweight wallets from traditional bulky ones?

  • Minimalist approach: The most attractive aspect that makes the mobile wallets a popular choice among both men and women is their light weight and compact size. They can easily fit into the smallest pockets.
  • Convenience: The easy to use feature makes the minimalist wallets a popular choice of men and women with an active lifestyle.
  • Better safety: The compact wallets offer more safety as you can keep them closer to you, wherever you go.
  • Adequate capacity: Though of small size, these wallets possess enough space to hold your cards and cash.
  • Neat storage: You also don’t need to look out for the card you need as the lightweight wallets offer neat storage for quick sorting.
  • Water/sweat and heat resistant: Forget worrying about your cash in the wallet getting wet due to sweat from your body. These wallets with hidden pockets come with water and heat resistant properties.
  • Unisex wallets: These stylish, sleek and unique magic wallets can be used both by men and women and come in various color combinations.
  • Flexibility: The lightweight wallets can be used as an everyday wallet, a sports accessory and an excellent option to carry your essentials.

Owing to its great benefits, the small and minimalist card and cash holders have become an inseparable part of people, especially for people on the go having an active lifestyle.

What’s the magic all about?

The magical touch to the unique lightweight wallets is given by simple elastic straps held tight to hold card and cash together. Moreover, the neoprene and silicon exterior makes it stick tightly with your clothing, without the chances of slipping out.

Bulky and heavy wallets can make you feel uncomfortable. It is better to use the compact smarter versions wallets designed with a magical touch to meet your requirements.

mountain-loving-momWhen was the last time you made your mom cry with happiness? She is the only woman who holds you tight whenever you need her to, even after hearing the hurtful words you speak to her. Moms are the most special women in our lives-right from the moment we are born. A mom loves, pampers, guides, understands us and tolerates our endless and many times meaningless grouses. This Mother’s Day make her feel special and take her on a never before vacation. Let her spread her wings and fly!

If traveling has always been on her wish list, help her explore and learn about newer cultures. Make this Mother’s Day special and take her to a dream vacation. Through the seas, clouds and over the mountains, let her discover herself. This 11th May make your mom proud and arrange a trip for her. Watch tears trickle down her graceful face with happiness. So check out some of the destination ideas for your mom:

For the beach loving mom:

A long sun bathing day or a quiet night listening to the waves, let her spend the day in the way she would love to. Seas have always been considered as a sign of calmness and it will help her relax. If you haven’t spent some quality time with her lately, it’s time to catch up and make up for the lost times. Enjoy some quiet talks or build a sand castle with her. Some of the essential things you must carry are traveling wallets, suntan lotion, beach outfits and sunglasses etc.

For the mountain loving mom:

In the serenity of the mountains and across the hills, one can always discover their lost self. Mothers seek serenity most of the time and a break from her daily chores will help her rejuvenate into a more confident self. A mountain resort with a huge golf course will bring the fun back in her life. The traveling mom needs to carry essential things like traveling wallets, clothes for the destination, medicines and toiletries among others.

For the desert lovers:

Unwind the stress! The Desert is an ideal option for those who are drawn to its beauty. It is challenging especially because of the extreme temperature changes. It is advised to drink ample water, wear appropriate clothes and avoid walking in the heat, etc.

This Mother’s Day, bring a smile to the face of that special woman in your life. Make May 11th special; something that she will remember for the rest of her life. It would be an experience that she would cherish for years to come. You can also be content that you made an effort to earn her happiness. Collect moments of togetherness and make memories!

Travel walletHave you ever thought why your expensive wallet suddenly looks so old? It is because you haven’t been kind to it. Most people get into the habit of carrying a lot of junk in their wallet before they realize their mistake.. Remember, your wallet is designed to contain cards and a few bank notes. If it looks like a bunch of bills, you have not treated it well. Your wallet is not meant for filing. For getting rid of this habit, you can do with a card sleeve wallet.

But, do you find it hard to slim down your wallet?

There is nothing wrong in having a collection of cards but perhaps at a better storing place than your regular wallet. You might have discount cards, membership cards, frequent flyer program cards and credit cards to name a few. On top of this, some of us tend to make quite a collection of tattered receipts in our wallet. Some of these receipts can be years old. If you are the culprit here, you seriously need to tone down this habit. Fortunately, many men who are victims to this habit know that they have already gone too far. The problem is you are perhaps not really sure how to get rid of the litter from your wallet. By using a card sleeve wallet, however, you’ll find a convenient and secure place to keep your important cards.

Traveling light – trim your wallet’s contents

Men’s travel wallet can be a convenient accessory but its look should not be similar to that of a female wallet. So, find one that has a more masculine appeal. In order to make your trip worthwhile, do not over-stuff your wallet. It feels uncomfortable to walk around with a bulging wallet. Follow the old, tried and tested way of traveling light. Never hesitate to show off your masculine travel wallet in an elegant manner whenever an opportunity arises. Always keep your wallet somewhere safe especially when you are in a foreign country or in a town you are not familiar with.

Travel in style

Traveling for a business or private trip is always exciting. Storing your receipts is especially important when your employer is footing the bill. However, a private trip is even more gratifying when you remember how hard you have saved for it, and may want to preserve the receipts and bills for remembrance. Travel wallets for both men and women wallet come with slots for tucking in a passport, air ticket and boarding pass. It also allows you to carry a discount card, credit card and some cash. Travel wallets for women can be as elegant as men’s travel wallet but with a softer feminine touch. Carrying a travel wallet is stylish regardless of your gender.